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One day I was inspired to make a poorly drawn, stupid internet comic (there are lots of them out there to have inspired me!) and here's the result: tsuduku.

"tsuduku" is japanese for "to be continued." It doesn't have much to do with the content of this comic, except for the fact that I'm going to be making one new one approximately every day! Nice! (update: approximately every day monday through friday, that is (update update: i aim for about 3 updates per week at this point)) The above banter is pretty out-of-date. Currently, tsuduku is updated once or twice a week.


New readers should probably just start from the beginning for any of this to make sense. Old readers who are re-discovering the strip after its 2.5-year hiatus can start around this strip (or perhaps just start at the beginning, too).

If you'd like an rss feed, you can use livejournal's.

news blurbs:

07/19/07 - new fanarts!
check out the new fanart by april! it is an alternate ending for strip 418... i kinda like it better!

04/02/07 - lolzorz!
omg that was just april fools! I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE I TRICKED! CLEVER ME!

04/01/07 - the end of tsuduku
Well, tsuduku's officially over. Hope everybody liked the plot!

02/12/07 - more links!
I've gone and added some more recent comics that I've liked to the links page, and cleaned up a few broken links. Check it out!

01/23/07 - updates increase!
I'm going to start trying to update twice a week from here on. The above banter has been updated to reflect this, and hopefully that will keep me from being lazy!

12/21/06 - happy solstice!
here's an early tsuduku for the holidays!
... well there won't be one this weekend, so it all balances out :P

04/16/06 - oh, hello
nice to see you all again ;)

05/14/03 - better late than never?
No, tsuduku isn't dead. Yes, I still update more than pokey :P
Hopefully now that the semester's over I'll get back to a more regular schedule
Sorry about that, everyone

03/26/03 - what's old is new!
There's a new strip in the bonus strips -- an old tsuduku doodle from a few years ago that was recently uncovered! hooray!

03/11/03 - finally some maintenance!
har! I got off my lazy ass and did a general web page update, removing old broken links, adding some new links, and *finally* thumbnailing and reorganizing the fanart page. and posted some new fanart I had laying around, some of it quite neato! check it out!

11/23/02 - sorry, tsuduku fans!
well I'm going away for vacation all next turkey week, so there won't be any tsuduku updates until december 2nd at the earliest. Sorries! Just wanted to let y'all know. See you in a week :)

10/25/02 - tsuduku without boundaries!!
heheheheeheeeee i let april use my tsuduku art files and she created some wonderful wacky superfun yay fan art of good! ummm or something :) .... go see it on the fan art page or here's a direct link for those of you with less bandwidth. woooooooooo!

10/21/02 - i must have finally hit the big time...
because i got my first hate letter. woo!

08/16/02 - whine whine whine

Sigh... this kinda sucks.

I know it's completely my fault for not updating very much for the past year or so... and possibly the domain change... but.... sigh.

According to extreme tracker my hits per day on tsuduku have gone from peaking around 60 to down below 30.

The hits per week peaked around early may and has steadily been declining ever since.

Searching around the pages that link to me, some have outright removed tsuduku from their links. Who knows if this is because they couldn't find the new site (just search google, geez) or because they don't want to be associated with my comic anymore. (though this same site has no problem linking to Irritability, which hasn't been up in a long time... chew on that)

one person even put me in a category called "stuff i don't read anymore" ... sigh.

i've had people who were long time supporters of tsuduku tell me that they don't bother reading it anymore because of "that dumb plot" and the fact that "it's never updated anymore, anyway."

and in the meantime i'm trying to figure out the most complex running series of strips tsuduku has ever had... gah it might not seem it but it's a lot of effort.

well i shouldn't let it bother me. i don't know why i'm so self-conscious about things like this. why should i care if not as many people read it anymore?

-- i think i'd feel better about it if i got back to regularly updating -- 3 times a week at least. and also if i cleaned up the web site, fixed my links, thumbnailed the fanart, did the characters page, emailed people who still link to me and tell them about the site move.... basically got tsuduku back up to a well-maintained comic. maybe then i'd stop frustrating and alienating people who were casual tsuduku fans. and even if it didn't change my reader base, i'd at least feel better about myself. gosh that's a lot of work though.

i really really would like to get back to updating 3 times a week. i really need to, this plot is way too difficult to eat in (barely) weekly increments.

well.... that's that really. blah.

07/10/02 - fan art MANIA
uhm, two new fan arts by the quaker comics guy. direct links heeere and heeeeeere. quite topical fan arts, they are!

05/01/02 - more stuff for you!
Heyaz! there's a new dumb strip in bonus comics that i made a while ago, and just haven't put up yet.
There's also brand new fan art! And it rules! However, the fan art page is still the huge evil slow loading mess, so here's a direct link to the new art if you want the easy way out.

04/08/02 - T&R moved!
Patrick Shaughnessy asked me to let you guys know that Triangle and Robert is at a new address! For all 1% of his fan population I might reach :)

03/23/02 - fan no art!
and more fan art! this time from the Quacker Comics guy! doot! (no, i don't understand it either)

03/20/02 - art of fan!
hey hey! there's new fan art for everyone's enjoyment! as always, it's way at the bottom of the fan art page and i'm too lazy to set up thumbnails or separate pages or anything so those of you with slow connections are gonna have to wait a hella long time before you actually SEE it. but oh well! It's there!!
oh yeah... the fan art is brought to you by the Project Y guys ... a great comic that i'm going to add to my links page SOME DAY (the same day that i clean up all the broken links on that page as well, i think). But until then, you can click in this news blurb and go read ALL OF PROJECT Y NOW!!!!! (NOT MY WAZOO!!)

01/22/02 - fanart
woops! there's some fan art i was supposed to put up a while ago, and thought i already had, but really hadn't, but it's up now, so yay :)

12/12/01 - random idea
I just had a random experimental idea. Well, I signed up for a livejournal account, because a friend forced me to at gunpoint, and I was wondering what to do with it. I was also wondering about the tsuduku comic for tonight, and I got a great (or horrible) idea! Why don't i make a livejournal post for each new tsuduku and let people comment in it!?
So I'm gonna try this out tonight; a little experiment. I'll see what happens, then decide if i want to keep doing it :)
The only problem I see is that livejournal only lets registered users comment with a name -- everyone else is "anonymous." But you can always sign your posts :)
but anyway, feel free to go ahead and post in my journal! Talk about whatever you want; the particular strip, this comic in general, how much i suck for not updating consistantly, whatever!!

11/6/01 - and 2 more
there's two more comics in the Adventurers crossover thingy, available on the fan art page!

10/30/01 - MORE MORE MORE
hey!!! for all three of you who actually scroll down and read these blurbs, there's a few new fan arts, and they rule! A multipart tsuduku/Adventurers! crossover thingamajig by Kjorteo, and another dave fanart. GO NOW!
ALSO! ..... today's strip took way too much effort to do. i must really suck!

09/28/01 - all in the family
woot! two new fan arts! one is an incomprehensible pile of smelly poopy-crap from dave, but what else would we expect? no really i'm just kidding it's quite good, go read it and be enlightened (or else). The second is an actually coherent (yay!) birthday present from andrea's brother anthony to her! yay!

08/31/01 - bleh
so sorry for being slow on updates; beginning school again was a bit of a shock :P
IN OTHER NEWS TSUDUKU AT THE BEACH PART 3!!! You know where to look.

08/20/01 - the sequel!
andrea made part 2 of tsuduku at the beach! check it out in the fan art section! eeeeee!

07/25/01 - beach day!

07/02/01 - CONTINUED
hey i'm back.

06/22/01 - TO BE CONTINUED
well, I'm going away on vacation next week, so you'll be stuck with this "cliffhanger" until approx monday july 2nd. so hang in there ;) see you in a week!

06/01/01 - still got it
see? i still can get a full week of comics in! so there!

05/25/01 - blurb!
hey actually two items on the news blurb today. First, there's some new fan art from my friend and neighbor dave goodreau. he, uh, did it spontaneously and without any premeditation. so i think the "temporary insanity" defense will work quite nicely.
also my search for the BEST COMIC EVER has finally ended. I found it in an ad, and now i'm gonna be sued for copyright infringement: ENJOY!

04/26/01 - i suck
yikes... has it already been more than two weeks? erk...

04/03/01 - i'm boring!
yeah, well, didn't do some amazing funny april fools thing this year. In fact I forgot it was april fools until the next day. Though daylight savings time was sort of an april fools on the whole nation :P

03/29/01 - the pretty colors!
there's some new fan "art" ... enjoy ;)

03/19/01 - master procrastinator
well, I *was* going to finally end the tsuduku drought tonight .... but someone just *had* to send me a link to the new and improved f3k and well that just sucked up all my free time. Sorry, i'll get on the ball tomorrow or something ;)

01/22/01 - it moves!
check out the fan art page, (scroll to the bottom) for an animated tsuduku tribute! I guess this is positive reinforcement for how little i've been updating lately, or something? hmm...

12/11/00 - wow!!!
Hey! I updated tsuduku's format, and added some more content! tell me whatcha think! eee!

Here's some nifty tsuduku link images you can use! Pick yer favorite!

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Can't decide which one you like? neither could I! Here's a tasteful animated gif which shows all three!!


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