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Here's a cute little square i did for the peanuts quilt project. yay!

This is for some weird "Yee" thing Dave Kelly of Living in Greytown made me do. I still don't know what it is. I posted this in some webboard thread. yee!

This strip is for the pimpcow alternate strips thingamabob. woo!

Er, uh... once upon a time i was drunk and a netfriend of mine gave me the great idea of making a tsuduku while drunk. so i made three. and now i'm showing them off on the internet. it's official -- i have no shame left. enjoy!

Here's a 4th one I made a little later...

A long while ago I guess I doodled a short tsuduku strip in one of my school notebooks. It was recently found! Here it is! Yay!

There are also several "hidden" strips in the tsuduku series. see if you can find them ;)

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