This link originally pointed to this page on adcritic. Unfortunately, adcritic now requires a paid subscription to view that page. But I want a reference for the joke, still, and can't find any other place on the web with what I want.

So here it is!

Basically, ran a bunch of ads a while back, and one involved a conversation between two bored-sounding people in meteor constumes. It went a bit like this:

Meteor1: Hello Meteor
Meteor2: Hello Meteor
Meteor1: Have you heard about the website called,
Meteor2: is my guidebook for life. I learned how to plant an herb garden, train my dog, and cure my dandrif.
Meteor1: I learned that most meteors burn up in Earth's atmosphere.
Meteor1: Ah. The atmosphere. Ahhhhh.
Meteor2: Ahh. The atmosphere. Ahhhhhhhh.
... needless to say, it's the best commercial ever.

ok, fine. You had to be there.

Now make that back button on your browser do what it does best!